Rifle & Pistol Shooting

We run an Open to the Public Fall Deer Sight-In's each year. Bring out your deer gun and we will help you sight it in for the season! We offer a warm area to wait until it is your turn and always have the football games on TV to keep you up on the scores of your favorite teams.
Rifle/Pin Ranges Shooting Hours - 2014
Contact  Gene Vanier 262-370-6018 for more information on use of this range.
                    Ranges open at 10:00 AM
                    Close :  4:00 PM CST

                          2014  Summer 22 Rifle Silhouette League Winners


                        1st Place     Mike Vanier

                        2nd Place    Jerry Larke

                        3rd Place     Tom Dallmann

                Banquet is Sunday Sept 28th @ 4:30PM - pls RSVP by Sept 14th

                                                Bring a side dish


                         2014 Spring Outdoor Air rifle League


                        Scoped         1st Place        Jeff Disch

                                              2nd Place       Mike Blaha

                                              3rd Place        Jason Berens/Mike Vanier


                        Iron Sights   1st Place         Ken Janowski

                                            2nd Place         Chad Blaha

                                            3rd Place          Gene Vanier

Pin Shooting League
Blackpowder / Muzzleloading Pistols Welcome!
 Rifle Silhouette League
Bring your .22LR Rifle At different targetsAt different distances
To improve your skills!