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Additional Prize winners - 2017 Fishoree

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Southeastern Wisconsin Friends of NRA

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Raffle firearms are on display and raffle tickets can be purchased at:

Wisconsin Firearms Training Center, 12730 Burleigh Road  Brookfield WI

Drawing for all Firearms Raffles will be conduct at

our Friends of NRA Event on February 16, 2017 at Davians.

Download your order form here!

There will be more great firearms and merchandise available only on that evening too!

Don’t miss out on this great event!


We lost one of our Founding Members - John Moosreiner.

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John worked tirelessly at the club and was always there when there was work to be done. He will be missed, but always remembered by those whose lives he touched.  

Deer Sight In

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The Stone Bank Sportsmen’s Club



25, 50, 75 AND 100 YARD

Rain or Shine at our covered shooting facilities Indoor waiting area with projection screen TV

Sat/Sun Nov. 5 th & 6 th


Sat/Sun Nov. 12 th & 13 th

HOURS: Sat 10AM-3PM Sun 10AM-3PM








3D Archery Shoot

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3D Archery Shoot

August 20 & 21

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

30 Mostly Rinehart Targets on a Beautiful Wooded Course
Novelty Shoots
Food and Beverages
50/50 Raffle

Contact: Matt Karis

2016 Fishoree Winners

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Big 10 Raffle    
Prize Description Winner's Name
1 Beretta A300 12 Gauge Shotgun Patrick Radtke
2 Chiappa Double Badger.22/.410 Gauge Shotgun Keith Yunto
3 Taurus Model 66 .357 Magnum Revolver Julie Strautman
4 Smith & Wesson M&P Sield 9MM Dean Michaelis
5 Remington 1911 .45 Semiautomatic Brett McPherson
6 DPMS LR-308 Rifle  Al Ryback
7 Leopuld Optics Package Michele Blaha
8 Mission MXB Dagger Crossbow Package Doug Dezur
9 First Alert 54 Gun 34 cu.ft. Digital Fire Resistant Gun Safe Gary Beyer
10 $1,000.00 CASH Tom Korom
  $300 Cash Ron Serbian
  $200 Cash James Sheahan
  $100 Cash Mike Knaebe
  $75 Cash Linda Baumann
  $50 Cash Tom Jahnke
Fish Ticket Prizes  
Prize Description Winner's Name
1 Vexilar FL-12 Genz Pack 12 Degree with Pro Mod Andy Maduscha
2 Cabela's Ice Team XL2000 Thermal Ice Shelter Zack Clemans
Fish Prizes  
Game Fish Description Winner's Name
Northern 1st $75 Shane Russell
2nd $50 Josh Garber
3rd $25 Chris Cornell
Bass 1st $75 Kurt Kapfhammer
2nd $50 Tony Duvall
3rd $25 Addison Steady
Walleye 1st $75 Kevin Fracek
2nd $50 -none-
3rd $25 -none-
Pan Fish Description Winner's Name
Crappie 1st $45 Jason La Barge
2nd $25 Kurt Kretschmer
3rd $15 Kurt Kretschmer
Bluegill 1st $45 Amanda Shockley
2nd $25 Joe Ridley
3rd $15 Aaron Brynman
Perch 1st $45 Don Orth
2nd $25 Don Orth
3rd $15 Randy Bourassa
Door Prizes    
  Grill Cover Josh Loeser
  Snap-on Set Jason Benish
  Beaver Dam Tip-Up Dick Bacon
  Power Cord Rick Heller
  Leather-man Duke Maynard
  Flash light Pam Hammond
  Folding Knive set Dale Widuk
  Tip Up Brian Lubeke
  Jig Pole Combo Becky Sielaff
  Jig Pole Combo Bill Brimm
  Plier Set Brian Meyer
  Cresent Set Patrice McGuin
  Tip Up Duane Muzur
  Rod Locker Joseph Moll Sr.
  Jig Pole Combo Mike Granzow
  Tip Up Eric Fortiage
  Wine Opener & Sphere Gregory Hensel
  Tip Up Carl Dauterman
  Tackle Box & Accs. Patrice McGuin
  Frabill Combo Kit Ben Laskowski
  Pliers Set Rebecca Sadler
  Jig Pole Acc Vickie Doyle
  Folding Chair Kliehmichael
  battery Box & Anchors Dave Haizel
  Jig Pole & acc Keith Seidel
  Jig Pole & acc Joe Daniels
  Jig Pole & acc Jay Staudt
  Folding Knive Dan Ross
  Soft Kooler Mike Mogren
  Spot-lite Counterspace LLC
  25 Kwik trip Gift Card Randy Parent
  K-Mart Gift Card Doug DeZur
  Pernat's Meats Gift Card James Sheahan
  Wisconsin Lottery Tickets Michael Malkowski
  Gander MNT Gift Card Gay Mavroff
  Jim's Sprots Heaven Gift Card Richard Mastalir
  Gander Mtn Gift Card Rayne Whidden
  Citgo Gift Card Debbie Klamert
  Cabelas Gift Card Ken Thompson
  Cabelas Gift Card Dan Ratzburg
  Pick and Save Gift Card Jerry Riedel
  Cabelas Gift Card Joe & Sherry Bartolone
  Kwik Trip Gift Card Doug Renk
  $20 Cash Randal Griswald
  Cabelas Gift Card Mike Custer
  Dousman Gun Club Game Dinner Geno Beck
  Cabelas Gift Card Carrie Cramer
  Fleet Farm Gift Card Steve Gursky Jr
  $20 Cash Marty Cates
  Dousman Gun Club Game Dinner Sandi Blaha
  Flash Light Pat Lauen
  Label Maker Pete Johnson
  Zipe Blade Gary Hartling
  Flash light Chad Wright
  Folding Knive Michael Sears
  Shoulder Holster Paul Pavloski
  Gun Tool Set Gene Hutchings
  NRA Watch Cory Lidwin
  Folding Knive Dylan Nissen
  Folding Knife Patrice McGuin
  Spot-lite Carl Schwerman
  Gun Cleaning Kit Peter Radnek
  Golf Balls Faith Winiecke
  Ice Kreepers Tricia Engelking
  Ice Kreepers Allen Koslowski
  Trailer Lock Shane Laughland
  Duck Decanter B. Feldmann
  Gun Cleaning Kit Dorthy Tscharniack
  Flash Light Jamie Petersen
  Duffle Bag Jim Schellinger
  Butcher Set Bob Bemore
  Area Rug Jeff Shields
  Flash Light Dave Glyzewski
  Visa $25 Gift Card Christopher Cook
  Hunting Knife and Sprts Bag Janet Jochaen
  Flash Light Winne Villanueva
  Knife Set Randy Blake
  Flash Light Linda Hansen
  Hunting Knife Set Eric Klaus
  Folding Knife Larry Kraut
  Cutting Board Jake Schlafer
  Cutting Board Jeff Stack
  Folding Knife Raymond Upward
  Swiss Army Pocket Knife William Pogantsch
  Bino's Dan McKee
  Leather Gloves Bob Klockow
  Filet Knife Susie Oleniczak
  Marine Box James Sheahan
  Gun Cleaning Kit Nichole Grochowski
  Spot-lite Rodger Dettmann
  Visa $25 Gift Card Jon Sprecher
  Cabelas Gift Card Lisa Bohnsack
  Cabelas Gift Card Jody Schultz
  Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Sandy Lacourciere
  Citgo Gift Card Chris Foley
  Cabelas Gift Card Richard Michalski
  $20 Cash Peter Radnek
  Citgo Gift Card Terry Winkler
  Cabelas Gift Card Brannon Houck
  Albertsons Archery Gift Card Eric Ryerson
  Lake County hair Design Gift Card Travis McCullough
  Kwik Trip Gift Card Aaron Brynman
  Home Depot Gift Card Jon Radtke
  Cabelas Gift Card John Fleck
  Piggly Wiggly Gift Card Aaron Linton
  Sherpers Gift Card Paul Dolata
  Kwik Trip Gift Card Tim Butler
  Kwik Trip Gift Card Steve Gursky Jr
  Fleet Farm Gift Card Tony Kloc
  Restaurant Gift Card Tricia Engelking
  Knife Set Carrie Cramer
  Grander Gift Card & Gun Magizine Cindy Fortmann
  Candle Set Curt Kempfer
  Folding Knife Lynn Beyer
  Rabbit Hat Jim Wand
  Milwaukee Tool Set Janell Wilcox
  Folding Knife Melissa Karis
  Shooting Glasses Scott Bohm
  Jig Pole Combo Russell Dropp
  Stanley Tool Set Nick Krohn
  Dart Board Eli Berg
  Electric Heater Tim Gales
  Filet Knife Shane Ward
  Jig Pole Combo Kay Finch
  Tip Up Joe Duvall
  Jig Boxes and Tackle Carrie Cramer
  Air Mattress Carol Orland
  Duffel Bag and Tip Down Cory Lidwin
  Buck Rub Gift Card Craig Badagil
  Kwik Trip Gift Card Mark Parmley
  Pick and Save Gift Card Bevin Bell
  Marcus Theater Gift Card Ben Vander Sanden
  Kwik Trip Gift Card Mike Frye
  Sports Authority Gift Card JB Fiedler
  Musky Mikes Gift Card James Hoefer
  Harland Quick Lub Gift Card Jon Samster
  Visa $25 Gift Card Paul Wagner
  Fleet Farm Gift Card Ed Sorensen
  Woodman's Market  Al Ryback
  Kuhtz's General Store Gift Card Rayne Whidden
  Stone Creek Coffee Gift Card Matt Ramscht
  BP Gift Card Keith Toll
  BP Gift Card Alli Loveridge
  BP Gift Card Mike Kessery
  BP Gift Card Brooke Miller
  BP Gift Card Cheryl Talatzko
  BP Gift Card Paul Bailey
  Culvers Gift Card Dennis Menghe
  Culvers Gift Card Richard Romaine
  Culvers Gift Card Dan Hayden
  Culvers Gift Card S. Bachhuber
  Bass Pro Shop Gift Card Lisa Dickman
  LED Light Ken Lange
  Flash Light Nicholas Court
  Beaver Dam Tip-Up Denny McCall
  Deer Licks and Fishing Lures Dan Ross

Our 44th Annual Fisheree

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2016 SBSC Big 10 Raffle Flyer

Fall Deer Sight In

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The Stone Bank Sportsmen’s Club Annual




25, 50, 75 AND 100 YARD

Rain or Shine
Stay warm inside while you wait and
watch the Badger/Packer games on our big screen!

Sat/Sun Nov. 7th & 8th


Sat/Sun Nov. 14th & 15th

HOURS: Sat 10AM-3PM Sun 10AM-3PM






2015 43rd Annual Fisheree Winners

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Thank you to everyone who came out and who purchased Big 10 Raffle tickets!  This event helps us keep the shooting and educational programs running at the Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club.

We would like to congratulate the winners:

Big 10 Raffle

1 Taurus 627 Tracker 357 Mag 4" STS 7 rd Nate Burdick
2 Colt 1911 Govt 22LR 5" Black Paul Fox
3 CZ Mallard 12/28/3" DBL TRG SLVR WAL Algene Caraulia
4 Weatherby Vanguard Sprtr 308WIN 24" BL/WD & 48" Case Kelly Kamrath
5 Remington 1911 R1 45ACP 5" Hi-polish/pearl Jim Berg
6 S&W M&P 15 SPT 556Nato 16" 30 rd, fld Don Lemke
7 S&W Shield 9mm 3 1/8" BL 7&8 rd, 3 Dot Jeff Laughland
8 Mission MXB Dagger Crossbow Package John Winter
9 First Alert 54 Gun 34 cu.ft. Digital Fire Resistant Gun Safe Nacy Schwarz
10 $1,000.00 CASH B. Hartman

  $300 Cash Charlie Selendick
  $200 Cash Sam Trones
  $100 Cash Bayon A.
  $75 Cash Tony Jace
  $50 Cash Melissa Karis

Fish Prizes

Game Fish

    1st     $75 Allan Mecikaiski
    2nd     $50 Chris Cornell
    3rd     $25 Dan Timm

    1st     $75 Dave Dvorak
    2nd     $50 Eric Russell
    3rd     $25 Jayden Hitchcock

    1st     $75 Kevin Fracek
    2nd    $50 Bob Fetzer
    3rd     $25 Chris Cornell

Pan Fish

    1st     $45 Kurt Kretschmer
    2nd    $25 Kurt Kretschmer
    3rd     $15 Robert Grenzek

    1st     $45 Tim Gales
    2nd    $25 Tim Gales
    3rd     $15 Dave Kolberg

    1st     $45 Tim Gales
    2nd    $25 Kevin Fracek
    3rd     $15 John Winter

Games / Raffles

50/50 50/50 Ticket Raffle, wInners Take Dan Kidd
Poker Jack Daniels Bar Stool Pattie Grurrity
Jack Daniels Bar Stool Dan Olson
Barska Colorado Binoculars Jayden Hitchcock

Bushel of Booze Bushel of Booze Raffle #1 Jamey Hitchcock
Bushel of Booze Bushel of Booze Raffle #2 Jeremy Ferguson
Bushel of Booze Bushel of Booze Raffle #3 Dave Berg
Cigar Box Cigar Box Raffle Patti Garrity
Wheel Game    
Knives Jim Braen
Batteries and Deer Scent Nick Dahlke
Shirts Bryon Altriter

Ice Fishing Raffle Mike Opay

Our Famous Meat Raffles

1 Pork Loin Bob Zimborski
2 Pork Loin Ashley Wieland
3 Ham John Nielson
4 Pork Loin Ray Oelhe
5 Pork Loin Brannon Houck
6 Ham Mike Heil
7 Pork Loin Don Linquist
8 Pork Loin Chris Foley
9 Ham Phil Johnson
10 Pork Loin Jeff Gunderson
11 Pork Loin Brandon Pavloski
12 Ham Dan Kidd
13 Pork Loin Shane Langhland
14 Pork Loin Butch Stahnke
15 Ham Randy Bourassa
16 Pork Loin Al Ryback
17 Pork Loin Butch Stahnke
18 Ham David Guckenberger
19 Pork Loin Scott Schelfe
20 Pork Loin Diane Bazylewicz
21 Ham Tom Cook
22 Pork Loin Tom Cook
23 Ham Tom Cook
24 Pork Loin Matt Bock
25 Ham Adam Dunkelberg
26 Pork Loin Alex Paulson
27 Ham Kim Bock
28 Pork Loin Steve Zinda
29 Ham Nate Grendahl
30 Pork Loin Matt Lange
31 Ham Chris Foley
32 Pork Loin Edmund Paul
33 Ham Ray Oelke
34 Pork Loin Tammy Dee
35 Ham Fred Wirts

Door Prizes

1 Frabil Tip Up Lynn Beyer
2 Gun Cleaning Kit Jim Komar
3 Carhart Blanket Steve Glassey
4 Jig Pole Combo Jo
5 Portable Charger Don Selje
6 Olive Oils Mike Kesery
7 Frabil Tip Up Jackie Hustad
8 Tackle Box Tim Hall
9 Bowls & Seasons Mark Wandersee
10 Folding Knife Al Ryback
11 $20 Home Depot Gift Card Dan Klecha
12 $20 Sherpers Gift Cert. JB Littke
13 Wis. Lottery Tickets Mike Bandszynski
14 Pick and Save Gift Card Michael Graff
15 $20 Fleet Farm Gift Card Jeff Recre
16 $25 Kuhtz Gift Card Scott Hanson
17 $20 Cabelas Gift Card James Wissing
18 Fleet Farm Gift Card Annelise Linton
19 Kuhtzs $25 Gitf Card Patrice McGuire
20 Northside Prop Shop $25 gift card Amy Ryback
21 Leatherman Carrie Fohr
22 Flash Lite Watertown trade and Auctions
23 Frabil Tip Up Sue Moosreiner
24 Packers Gloves Tiffany Zebak
25 Wis. Folding Chair Lijana Lileikyte-Haasch
26 Rod Case Mark Gresen
27 Jig Pole & Tackle Judy Kucharski
28 Buck Knife Mike Schuett
29 Folding Chair Ben VanderSanden
30 Spotting Scope D. Kamdor
31 Beaver Dam Tip up Dan Klecha
32 Buck Knife Mike Hill
33 Flash Lite Jim Gill
34 Tip up Sharon Van Kirk
35 Cressnt Wrenches Jim Layton
36 Jig Pole Erick Buerger
37 Head Lamp Scott Bachhubor
38 Flash Lite Andrew Vechota
39 Tackle Box & Tool Set Jared Wanmager
40 Pillows Kerry Zajkek
41 Cabelas $25 gift card Jeff bartlett
42 K-mart $20 gift card Kristy Reed
43 Stone Creek Coffee $25 gift card Kerry Zajkek
44 $20 cash Harry Lakrie
45 Cabelas $25 gift card Dan Boese
46 Kwik Trip $25 gift card Nate Grendall
47 Buffalo Wild Wings $25 gift card Jeff Fox
48 Northside Prop Shop $25 gift card Rich Mack
49 Famous Dave Gift Card Kayen Poznanski
50 Applebee's Gift Card Scott Schraufragel
51 Kooler Tony Jace
52 Tackle Bag James Grunewald
53 Gun Cleaning Mat Frank Vincze
54 2 Tee Shirts Mike Hill
55 Tip up Collin Zajicek
56 Tool Set Jackie Hustad
57 Dewalt Tool Set Karen Slack
58 Wet & Dry Vac Rich Karis
59 Knife Set Pam Walter
60 Filet Knife Jim Sjcbeg
61 2 Jig Poles & Tackle E.W. Roider
62 Coffee Jesse Matusek
63 Tote Bag Bob Myatt
64 Folding Chair Mark Thoni
65 2 Jig Poles & Tackle Nate Grendahl
66 Spot Lite Okie Rather
67 Folding Table Chris Payne
68 Folding Chair Ben Boyer
69 Class Watering Spheres Sheila Hospidales
70 2 Jig Poles & Tackle RC Graphics
71 Pick and Save Gift Card Jim Baker
72 Gordie Boucher Oil Chage Cert. Dave Springer
73 $20 Cash Mike Duvall
74 Marcus Gift Card Tom Wievam
75 Family Photo Gift Cert. Chris Cramer
76 Cabelas $25 gift card Pat Matashince
77 Master Card $25 Gift Card Lynne Wright
78 Buck Rub Gift Cert. Shooting Mike Warzala
79 $25 Cash Charlie Tetzloff
80 Northside Prop Shop $25 gift card Paul Toepfer
81 Back Pack Paul Polata
82 2 Cutting Boards Karen Fredrickson
83 Flash Lite Spencer Sheppail
84 Zippo hand Warmer Jeff Pease
85 Folding Knife & Tool Kit Erin Chilson
86 Bag Kooler M. Opay
87 2 Jig Poles & Tackle Steve Koeppe
88 Jig Pole Combo Dick Patten
89 Ba Kooler with Mug & Thermos Kelly Kamrath
90 Leather Man Ben Boyer
91 Cabelas Gift Card Jonthan Glassey
92 Boucher Oil Change gift cert David Schuidt
93 Starbucks Gift Card Alex Fox
94 I-tunes card $15 & $10 cash Bob Pocci
95 Fronter - Services 1 20 Lb Tank Exchange Kevin Klink
96 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card Bill Sielaff
97 Applebee's $25 Gift Card Brian Lutgen
98 Northside Prop Shop $25 gift card Nate Litscher
99 Lake Country Hair Design Gift Card Lisa Dickman
100 Cabelas $25 gift card Janell Wilcox
101 Bow Release Brett Felsman
102 Field Bag Bob Zimborski
103 Picture Frame Dale Czerniakowski
104 Space Blanket Lisa Dickman
105 Jig Pole Combo Greg Bloch
106 Grab Bag John Washcovick
107 Tool Kiet Coty Wandersee
108 Tool Boxes & Misc Ron Serbian
109 Tackle Box Jig Poles Carrie Cramer
110 Jig Poles & Tackle Jeffrey Schmid
111 Kwick Trip Gift Card Jeff Pensl
112 $20 Cash Jenna Hustad
113 Sherper's Gift Cert Spanky
114 Home Depot Gift Card Dennis Schuh
115 Mobil Gift Card Dean Smith
116 $20 Cash Ray Oilke
117 Visa Gift card $25 Wendy Haerterich
118 Silver Lake Auto Gift Cert. Joe Geiger
119 Boucher Gift Cert Richard Tradt
120 Cabelas Gift Card John Staie
121 Tip-out & $10 gift card Chuck Minesal
122 Shovel Mike Banaszynski
123 Speed Loader Corles Quinonw
124 Cast Iron Pan Rob May
125 Head Lamp Dwight Meinholz
126 2 Jig Poles & Tackle Jonny Popp
127 Sausage Laurie Gates
128 Jig Pole Combo Tiffany Zebrly
129 Tip-out & $10 gift card Sharon Van Kirk
130 Flash Lite Brad
131 2-Jig Poles & tackle Joy Serbian
132 Head Lamp Dolores Johnson
133 Tackle Box & Jig Poles Matt Upward
134 2 Jig Poles & Tackle Matt Laversdorf
135 Tackle Box & Jig Pole Chuck Sharkus
136 Tackle Box & Jig Pole & Tackle Kathleen Kretschmer
137 Tool Box Elisa Peden
138 Convection Oven Paul Pavloski
139 21 Golf Balls Competitive Edge Software
140 Tackle Box & Flash Lite & Call Peter Trost
141 $20 Cash Greg Arneson
142 Culvers 4 Basket Meal Spencer Jacobson
143 Kwik Trip $20 Gift Card Mike Hughes
144 Cabelas Gift Card Chris Cook
145 Fronter - Services 1 20 Lb Tank Exchange Chris Domrose
146 Chancery 5 -$55 Gift Cards Katie Ehlinger
147 $20 Cash Vance Emons
148 Cabelas $25 gift card Julie Strautman
149 Gun Cleaning Kit & Chair Peter Trost
150 Folding Chair N. Halderson
151 Foolerys $20 gift Card Israel Benitez
152 $20 Cash Jerry Voss
153 Tip up Joe Gingrass

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