Welcome to the Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club

Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club, Inc. was established in 1974. As a privately owned club, it offers archery, trap, and rifle/pistol shooting ranges and leagues to it's members. We relocated to Town of Ashippun in 1978 and are located just north of the Dodge County line off O'Neil Road.

Please explore the links regarding what our club and facilities have to offer our members and the surrounding community. We have archery, pistol, rifle and trap shooting ranges on our club grounds. We host a variety of "open to the public" events ranging from different leagues, fall deer sight-ins, to a wide variety of educational opportunities through Heritage Shooting.

The Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club has a great Tradition of Recreation and Education.

We are currently accepting new members! 

Club President, Don Fortmann (262-366-2244) can answer any questions you might have.

Membership Information and Applications are available via the link on the left.


  • 2019 SBSC Pistol-Rifle League Information

    Pin League:

    Begins at 11:00 a.m. June 2, 2019 to August 25, 2019.

    League fees:
    Members - $15.00 for the league and $2.00 per round.
    Non-members - $20.00 for the league and $3.00 per round.

    .22 LR Silhouette League:

    Begins at 11:00 a.m. June 2, 2019 to July 7, 2019.

    League fees:
    Members - $10.00 for the league and $5.00 per round.
    Non-members - $15.00 for the league and $5.00 per round.

    Steel league:

    Practice/trial days are: 

    May 18, 2019 - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    June 8, 2019 - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
    June 29, 2019 - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    No cost for the practice days.

    League begins at 11:00 a.m. July 14, 2019 to August 25, 2019.

    League fees:
    Members - $10.00 for the league and $5.00 per round.
    Non-members - $20.00 for the league and $5.00 per round.

    High power Rifle league:

    Begins at 10:30 a.m. September 15, 2019 to October 20, 2019.

    League fees:
    Members - $10.00 for the league and $5.00 per round.
    Non-members - $20.00 for the league and $5.00 per round.

    Award Banquets:

    Summer League Award Banquet is September 8, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.

    High Power Rifle Award Banquet is October 27, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.

    Posted Mar 30, 2019, 10:37 AM by Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club
    The STONE BANK SPORTSMEN’S CLUB is pleased to offer scholarships to graduating high school seniors and current college students continuing their education in an accredited institution, and who meet the requirements outlined in our Selection Criteria below. If interested, please follow the link below to download the Application.


    1. Be a resident of the Oconomowoc Area School District, the Arrowhead School District, or be a child/grandchild or of a Stone Bank Sportsmen’s Club member.
    2. Have a Parent, Grandparent or Guardian who is an active member of the NRA. Must submit a copy of the current membership card.
    3. Be enrolled full-time in an accredited college, university or technical college. Must submit acceptance paperwork.
    4. Have attained a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (C+) on a 4 point scale. Must submit a copy of your current academic transcript.
    5. Fully complete and submit a legible application, with all the necessary documentation. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.

    Posted Feb 23, 2019, 8:02 AM by Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club
  • 47th Annual SBSC Fisheree Winners!

    Big 10 Raffle

    Prize Description Winner's Name Ticket Number
    1 $1000 Cash Duane Mazur 10192
    2 DPMS RFLR-G2B24 .308 Travis Lanser 7982
    3 Mossberg Silver Reserve II O/U 12/20 ga, 2 barrel set Magdalena spletter 10515
    4 Taurus 44 .44 Mag 6 shoot Bob Paun 4704
    5 IVER Johnson 600 O/U .410 David Szyszka 6480
    6 S&W Shield M2.0 9mm w/ Integrated Laser Ray Oelke 14694
    7 Ruger American Predator .308 win Gary Morgan 8654
    8 Heritage .22 LF/WMR Combo Valerie re 8730

    Fish Ticket Prizes

    Prize Description Winner's Name Ticket Number
    1 $500 Cash Jack Toepfer 1670
    2 Frabill HQ 100 Hub 2-3 Man Shelter Gary Beyer 114
    3 Lodge Cast Iron Cook Set Kevin fracek 844

    Additional Raffle Prizes

    9	$25 fleet farm gift card	Steve Bremer
    10	$25 kwik trip gift card	Paul courtney
    11	Cooler	Theresa Jelenchick
    12	Back pack	chris Woodard
    13	George forman grill	Amy Ryback
    14	makita radio	Tom Krason
    15	orange hood jacket	Elisa Peden
    16	dewalt tool set	Mike Schmidt
    17	hunting knive	Mike Moore
    18	tackle box	Gary Morgan
    19	jenga blocks	cidy Fortmann
    20	tip up & hat	Don Von
    21	$25 fleet farm gift card	Jenna Husatad
    22	$50 kwik trip gift card	john Nielso
    23	$25 kwik trip gift card	Chris Enders
    24	$25 cash	Phil Van Krik
    25	$25 fleet farm gift card	Jennna Hustad
    26	$50 fleet farm gift card	Cindy Fortmann
    27	$25 kwik trip gift card	Byran Altreuther
    28	$25 fleet farm gift card	B. Glandt
    29	culvers diner basket 	Kyle Mueller
    30	$25 fleet farm gift card	Greg Mcgregor
    31	knife and cutting board	Rich Mack
    32	cast iron pan	Tom Dallmann
    33	tip up	Andy Glorioso
    34	tip up and shirt	Dave Glyzewski
    35	knive and t-shirt	Sue Moosreiner
    36	tip up and shirt	Don Timm
    37	tip up	Randy Riesner
    38	gun cleaning kit	Cindy Fortmann
    39	bore cleaner with hat	Matthew Ostry
    40	sharpener and shirt	D. McCaigue
    41	sherpers gift card	Katie Polzin
    42	$25 kwik trip gift card	Magdelena Spletter
    43	$25 walmart gift card	Dave Glyzewski
    44	$25 cabelas gift card	David Grochowski
    45	$25 fleet farm gift card	Andy Glorioso
    46	culvers diner basket 	Matt Karis
    47	$25 cash	Bill Gieselke
    48	$50 fleet farm gift card	Ward Koenig
    49	$25 kuhtzs gift card	Jim sjcberg
    50	$25 cash	Paul D.
    51	Cooler	Paul courtney
    52	ice hole covers	David King
    53	tip and can coozy	Tori Busse
    54	headlamp	Kas Gauerke
    55	bucket and items	Mickie Heter
    56	mittens	Joesph Barolone
    57	ear muffs	James Staudt
    58	duffle bag	Royce Dalton
    59	fishing rod	barb Ranschay
    60	fan window	John Radtke
    61	$25 kwik trip gift card	Dan Hayden
    62	$25 kwik trip gift card	Barb Bonnin
    63	$25 fox and hounds gift card	Shannon Wolf
    64	$25 cash	Chris Lietzau
    65	$25 bass pro shop gift card	A. Caraulia
    66	$25 cabelas gift card	Joe Kunde
    67	$25 kwik trip gift card	Chris Cunningham
    68	$25 kwik trip gift card	Mike higbee
    69	$25 amazon gift card	Jim Jarrett
    70	$25 fleet farm gift card	Frank Irons
    71	buck rub gift card	John Grochuwslia
    72	$25 amazon gift card	Bob Ziengerski
    73	$25 fleet farm gift card	Patricia Garrity
    74	$25 kwik trip gift card	John Winter
    75	$25 kwik trip gift card	Jorge Soarez
    76	$25 cabelas gift card	Pebiet Hehreing
    77	$25 fleet farm gift card	Elisa Peden
    78	$100 fleet farm gift card	Jeremy strassburg
    79	$50 fleet farm gift card	Patty Winter
    80	$50 kwik trip gift card	Sue Moosreiner
    81	dewalt skill saw	Joel Radtke
    82	yeti can cooler	Gene Vinier
    83	boot drier	John Kamrith
    84	knife and hole cover and $5 dollars	kim Laughland
    85	flash light	Edward winiecke
    86	rachet straps	D. McCaigue
    87	knive sharpener	Dave Glyzewski
    88	pet car seat cover	Ray Oelke
    89	gun clip and scope cap	Craig Schacht
    90	large camo bag	Jenny Pupillo
    91	$50 fleet farm gift card	Tj buzak
    92	$100 kwik trip gift card	Joige Suarze
    93	$25 fleet farm gift card	Craig Leitz
    94	lake country hair design gift card	Bob Kubly
    95	$25 cabelas gift card	Shly
    96	$25 walmart gift card	Paul D.
    97	hartland quick lub	Jaci Baumann
    98	nashota clubhouse by one get one	P. Norton
    99	nashota clubhouse by one get one	Matt Kowazewski
    100	flash light and holster	Andy yohnk
    101	moble phone items	Chelsea Brito
    102	selfe stick and pad	Steve McGuire
    103	filet knive	Elisa Peden
    104	holster	Cindy Fortmann
    105	cooler and vest	Jim hoefer
    106	knive set	Steven Weuhardt
    107	ammo box and fuel treatment	Craig Schacht
    108	jig pole	William Stiyer
    109	bino's	Ryan Altreuter
    110	ammo box and dick smith items	A. Caraulia
    111	$25 wisconsin firearms training center	Josh Stermo
    112	$25 kwik trip gift card	Marshal Thormton
    113	$25 kwik trip gift card	Dave Johnson
    114	$25 fleet farm gift card	Merle Lebeck
    115	$25 roundys gift card	Cindy Fortmann
    116	$25 amazon gift card	Steve Cramer
    117	$25 cash	Steve McGuire
    118	wisconsin firearms training cert.	Bob Kubly
    119	$25 kwik trip gift card	Johnny Popp
    120	$25 pernats meat cert.	kim Laughland
    121	$25 cash	Peter Monis
    122	$25 menards	Mike Banaszynski
    123	$25 cabelas gift card	Roy Hammond
    124	$25 cash	Dennis Slack
    125	$25 cash	Troy Rehn
    126	$25 kwik trip gift card	Kathe Roemer
    127	2 culver basket meals.	Joe radtke
    128	Buck Knvie	chuck Dolphin
    129	Field Case Pac	Darren
    130	Chilo fishing Suppies	Roy Hammond

    Meat Raffle

    Pork Loin Holly Houck
    Pork Loin Holly Houck
    Ham Joshaua Fox
    Pork Loin Bob Zimrose
    Pork Loin Joshaua Fox
    Ham Bradley Smith
    Pork Loin Mark Hempel
    Pork Loin Chris scesitser
    Ham Paton Ryback
    Pork Loin Chris Woodard
    Pork Loin Mark Strautman
    Meat Chris scesitser
    Pork Loin Kathy Roemer
    Pork Loin Scott Scheiff
    Meat Pat Lindavitt
    Pork Loin Kirt Kretschmer
    Pork Loin Pat Daniels
    Meat Joshaua Fox
    Pork Loin Gregg Kurpiel
    Pork Loin Robert Wold
    Ham Jeff Disch
    Pork Loin Larry Faught
    Pork Loin Jon Obitz
    Ham Mike Hasselkus
    Pork Loin Joshaua Fox
    Pork Loin Austin Slack
    Meat Bill Rogalinski
    Pork Loin Jack Chartier
    Pork Loin Dawn Deby
    Meat Joe Opitz

    Posted Feb 23, 2019, 7:59 AM by Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club
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