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40th Annual Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club Fisheree WInners

posted Feb 5, 2012, 5:55 AM by Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club   [ updated Jun 19, 2018, 7:01 PM ]
Thank you to everyone who came out and who purchased Big 10 Raffle tickets! This event helps us keep the shooting and educational programs running at the Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club.

The Stone Bank Sportsmen's Club would like to extend our thanks to the following for their support and donations that helped make our Fisheree this year:

Ace Hardware Oconomowoc
Amalia's Restaurant
Arby's Restaurant
Ben Franklin
Brueggers Bakery products
Chilis  Restaurant
Chocolate Factory
CJ Java Hut Café - Deli
Domino's Pizza
Ewald Chrysler
Fiesta Cancun Restaurant
George Webb
Holz Motors
Jefferson County Farm Coop. 
Kreiser Chiropractic Group
Lake & Country Tire
Lakeland Auto
Maxim's at The Depot
McDonald's Restaurant
Pick and Save  Pabst Farm Store
Pick and Save Store
Piggly Wiggly Oconomowoc
Radtke Applicance Store
Rhythm of Life James Haakenson DC.
Sherpers Sporting Goods
Spinnaker's Restaurant
The Doggy Bag
Tim's Bumper to Bumper
Winger's Tap, Inc.

We would like to congratulate the winners:

Fish Prizes

Game Fish Category

1st $75 Terry Fleischman

2nd $50 MikeKnaebe

3rd $25 Tom Klink

1st $75 Barry Grimm

2nd $50 Gerry Seidel

3rd $25 Jeff Fox

1st $75 Jim Koehler

Pan Fish Category

1st $45 Chad Lillge

2nd $25 Todd Pooler

3rd $15 Kurt Kretschmer

1st $45 Eric Eichstaedt

2nd $25 Kurt Kretschmer

3rd $15 Jim Kuchler

1st $45 Jerry Briski

2nd $25 Jerry Briski

3rd $15 Aaron Brynman

Big 10 Raffle
Prize Description Winner's Name
1 CZ Canvasback 12 ga OU Shotgun Jim Hein
2 Savage 111FXP3 .300 Win w/ scope Pat Zimborski
3 Stevens Model 512 20ga OU Shotgun Kris Jaeger
4 Marlin 336W Lever Action 30-30 Tony Moriva
5 Taurus M44 .44Mag Revolver Aric Wormington
6 Kahr CM9 Semi Auto 9mm Dennis Hoffmann
7 Taurus 651 Protector .357 Magnum 2" Tim Hochschild
8 Stack-On 28-Gun, Fire Resistant, Waterproof, and Convertible Safe with Combination Lock Gene Hutchings
9 LG 42" 1080p LCD HDTV Joeleen Drall
10 $1000.00 CASH Nancy Scholz

Description Winner's Name
$300 Cash Tom  Koepp
$200 Cash Mike Hasselkus
$100 Cash Dave Gratson
$75 Cash Manila Kochanski
$50 Cash Dave Paul

Game / Raffle Prize Description Winner's Name
50/50 $245 Chris Fortmann
Bushel of Booze Bushel of Booze #1 Jim Sheahan
Bushel of Booze Bushel of Booze #2 Mike Milakovich
Ice Shanty Fishing Shanty Jamie Hitchcock
Dice Game 12 Volt Power Batttery Pack Gregg Luedtke
Dice Game 12 Volt Air Compressor Jean Dodd
Poker Game Tailgate Toss Game Jamie Jenkins
Poker Game 3-in-1 set Tailgate Hitch Jamie Jenkins
Poker Game Fish Print Jeff Van Ark
Poker Game Microwave Gregg Luedtke
Poker Game Lakeland Lube and oil filter Jeff Van Ark
Poker Game Ben Franklin Gift Card Gene Vanier
Poker Game Pick-n-Save Gift Card Patti Garrity
Poker Game George Webb Gift Card Jeff Van Ark
Poker Game $50 Taxidermy Brian Bauer
Poker Game Rhythm of Life Chiropractic Gift Card Jamie Jenkins
Poker Game Rhythm of Life Chiropractic Gift Card Jamie Jenkins
Poker Game $20 Fiesta Cancun  Amy Ryback
Poker Game Gift Basket Jamie Jenkins
Poker Game Ewald Gift Card Jamie Jenkins
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Scott Scheife
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Chris Gerritsen
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Chris Gerritsen
Meat Raffle Ham Mindy Brinkmann
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Shirley Hanson
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Todd Orvedahl
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Josh Fox
Meat Raffle Ham John Anthony
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Joe Zimborski
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Warren Peterson
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Josh Fox
Meat Raffle Ham Jeff Van Ark
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Diane Forsythe
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  John Grochowski
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Paul Washow
Meat Raffle Ham Don Bethke
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Diane Schoenfeld
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Patti Garrity
Meat Raffle Ham Gary Mentel
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Linda Lindquist
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Van Emous
Meat Raffle Ham Dave Berg
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Josh Fox
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Chris Gerritsen
Meat Raffle Ham Andy Johnson
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Jerry Briski
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Patti Garrity
Meat Raffle Ham Diane Forsythe
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Paul Adams
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Beth Skomy
Meat Raffle Ham John Nielson
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Dan Uttech
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Jamie Jenkins
Meat Raffle Ham Chris Schnick
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Mike Hasslkus
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  Megan Kraemer
Meat Raffle Ham Craig Stadler
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  John Nielson
Meat Raffle Pork Lion  not legible 
Meat Raffle Ham Steve Wenhardt
Meat Raffle Bear Summer Sausage Mike Walsh

Door Prizes
Prize Description Winner
Game Processing Set Henry Nusbaum
Sleeve of Golf Balls Matt Minikel
Gun Cleaning Kit Jim Sheahan
Camp Stool Kevin Diderrich
Corning Ware Bowl Mark Klokow
Polar Tip-Up Jim Sheahan
Rod Tote Mark Whitlaw
Screw Driver and Tape Measure Set Kevin Jackson
Multi-tool and Torch light set Pam Patterson
26 piece tool Bit Set Anne Valenick
Large  Bowie Knife John Matecki
3 pack of Cap Lights Patti Garrity
Game Processing Set Susie Oleniczak
Wine Serving Caddy Jenna Hinojosa
Polar Tip-Up Greasey Keith Next Door
Glass Cutting Board Joe DeRosa
Hunting Combo Knife Gary Johnson
Sleeve of Golf Balls James Roberts
Head Lamp Barney Bentzien
Polar Tip-Up Travis Sorinske
Screw Driver and Flashlight Set Joel Froemming
3 pack of Cap Lights Wally Bowersock
Large Travel Mug Ron Krocken
Camp Chair TJ Holshire
Glass Cutting Board Andy Brown
Jig Pole and Reel Rachel Sprancers
77 piece tool set Joe Novotny
Fleece Jacket Bruce Bryan
Schrade Pocket Knife Jim Holuelenstein
Polar Tip-Up JR Hankey
3 Meals and Dessert - Culvers Kathy Luebke
WI Lottery Tickets Paul Valenick
$20 Gift Card Jim's Sports Haven Pat Durham
$25 Cabela's Gift Card Jack Chartier
Sherpers $10 Gift Cert Don Niedermair
True Value $20 Gift Card Nick Oman
$25 Sears Gift Card Carl Czewwonka
$10 Fiesta Cancun Gift Card Mike Godfrey
Archery for 6 people at BuckRub John Evert
Kuhtz's $25 Gift Card Jeff Prochnow
Marinade Kit Andy Brown
Pistol Case and Metal Sign John Richards
Tackle Box Dan Keppen
Heated Travel Mugs Scott Hoerig
Flambeau Shoulder Bag Randy Nell
Electric Fillet Knive set Jeff Rubinger
Gun Case Tom Bruns
4 Propane Bottles Nik Strandberg
Tactical Knife Joeleen Drall
Polar Tip-Up Austin Slack
7 piece Tool Set Tom Bodin
Hunting Knife Edwin Colon
3 piece Visegrip Andy Jepsen
Headmuffs and coffee mug Jim Patter
Polar Tip-Up Eleanor
Gun cleaning snake and Mug Patti Garrity
Shoulder Bag Tony Radaj
Head Muff and Bass Kit Mary Bunk
Can Crusher Bjorn Haugen
Sausage & Meat Curing Book and Metal Sign Kathy Luebke
80 piece Tool Set Dan Leamy
2 sleeves of Golf Balls Jeremy Lee Petrie
Screw driver set and Bass Bait Dan Miller
Gun Case Jenny Orgas
Grunt Call J Froemming
Fanny Pack Sam Yake
American Flag and Hat Kurt Kretschmer
Gun Case Dolores Johnson
2 sleeves of Golf Balls Jeff Herman
Grunt, tub/facemask and Hat Jim Zuperki
$20 Gift Card Jim's Sports Haven Chris Schaefier
$25 BP Gift Card Karen Slack
$25 Cabela's Gift Card Chad Teanney
$20 QuikTrip Gift Card Mike Dodd
Gander Mountain Gift Card Matt Dombrowksi
$25 Best Buy Gift Card Bill Coffin
$20 Sherpers Gift Card Jim Sheahan
$20 Piggly Wiggly Gift Card James Roberts
$25 Culver's Gift Card Kim Laughland
Gander Mountain Gift Card Cody Zimmerman
Gun Accessories Paul Adams
10 piece Pliers and Wrench Set Birian Olson
Gun Cleaning Kit Jason Madyak
Red Dot Scope Gary Glojek
Laser Bore Sight Jim Sheahan
MagLight Bill Sturm
Wrench Set Erich Roider
Ice Hole Cutters and Jigs Jim Morganroth
Gun Cleaning Kit Harlow Wilford
Archery Release Dick Schuerer
$20 Pick-n-Save Gift Card Erich Roider
$20 Nashotah Club House Gift Card Terry Nielsen
$25 Cabela's Gift Card Pam Kuehl
Gander Mountain Gift Card Angela Stiglitz
Culver's 2 Meals and Dessert James Weber
$25 Gift Card Jims Sports Haven Mike Pedon 
Farm & Fleet Gift Card Natile Nissen
$25 Pick-n-Save Gift Card David Haley
4 Tickets to Circus World Chris Payne
$50 Farm & Fleet Gift Card Dave Ebert
Rifle Scope Mark Lauber
Folding Knife Janelle Gash
All Weather Blanket G Gardnes
Multiwrench Shane Cherniakwski
Folding Knife and Shirt Nancy Schulz
Headlamp Bubba Muk
Jig Pole Combo Don Gerbitz
Tripod Flashlight Jerry Walsh
Screwdrive kit and shooting glasses Barb Ranschay
5 piece Tool Set Evie Licsener
$25 BP Gift Card Steve Wenlardt
$20 Gander Mountain Gift Card Ellie Lawtan
$20 Pick-n-Save Gift Card Luke Feldner
$20 Gander Mountain Gift Card John Waite
$25 Cabela's Gift Card Gary Adams
$10 Quiznos Gift Card John Januchowski
$10 Culver's Gift Card Amanda Landwehr
$25 Cabela's Gift Card Russ Wright
$20 Cabela's Gift Card Eric Ewald
$25 Cabela's Gift Card Sherry Bankowski
Buck Folding Knife Wayne Schulz
Archery Release Todd Duvall
Case Pocket Knife Sky Kot
32 piece Wrench Set Char Pease
Jig Pole Combo AJ Ottow
Headlamp Jim Hoefu
Gun Case Paul Jenson
32 piece Wrench Set Jarrod Luck
$10Domino's Gift Cert Randy Schroeder
Arby's 3 Combo Meals Monica Xiong
Duncan donuts & $10 Café LaBeele Dave Roubke
$50 Kneer Chiropraic and Sport Bottle Mike Duvall